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What do you get when you cross a pair of lederhosen and a trucker hat? Greg and Brandon! And lucky for you, they decided to make beer. As the founders and head brewers of Shattered Oak Brewing, Brandon and Greg employ a wealth of experience and knowledge to present you with a wide selection of German and American beers that are sure to quench the thirst of any beer enthusiast.

    • On Tap

      The beers of Shattered Oak

    • Red Rocks

      4.80% ABV

      Raspberry Wheat

      A Raspberry Wheat!

    • Wee Willy

      5.80% ABV

      Scottish Ale

      Do you really want to ask about this one? Go ahead, but don’t say we didn’t warn you.

    • Heffe's Dead

      4.80% ABV

      American Wheat

      American Wheat

    • Weizenheimer

      6.80% ABV


      Sweet and sultry, this innovative take on a Weizenbock will have you raising a glass in respect to the smart asses at Shattered Oak Brewing.

    • Perky Pop

      4.60% ABV

      Strawberry Blonde Ale

      A collaboration between Shattered Oak Brewing and the esteemed Perky Pantry.

    • Roots

      7.00% ABV

      Nitro / Milk Stout

      Nitro / Milk Stout

    • Temporarily Unavailable

      These lovely brews are not currently on tap. Check back soon!

    • Kolsh

      5.00% ABV


      Bready malt gives way to a floral hop character with just a hint of citrus. Light, crisp, and bright!

    • Beavah La' Vida

      4.40% ABV


      A crisp and original Pilsner with fresh hops provided by none other than the local legend Trent Beaver. Enjoy a beer infused with the good vibes of great music.

    • British Pale

      5.50% ABV



    • Mex Lager

      4.30% ABV

      Mexican Lager

      Maize lager made for hydration. Sun, rain, snow? Nothing can lift your spirits like day on the beach with this in hand. Light, crisp, and bright!

    • Forest Pale

      5.10% ABV

      Pale / Hoppy

      For the hopheads with a busy schedule, for the anti-IPAers on the go. This is a light, crisp, lawnmower ale that you’re looking for.

    • Yam' Demic

      9.10% ABV

      Barrel Aged Sour

      One of a kind, get it while it lasts!

    • Child's Play

      6.00% ABV


      A flagship beer by Shattered Oak

    • On A Whim

      6.00% ABV